Run Sprite Run!

It’s been rather quiet around these parts just lately but that should be changing very soon and to kick things off here’s some new artwork I’ve been creating for the main characters sprite animations during fight screens.

Fight Screen Player Sprite Art

Player artwork used in fight screens when switching cover.

Things have been progressing nicely while finishing the work for hire contracts I’ve been working on as well as having a week off to go snow boarding. A lot of the updates to the game have been programming and tool related which isn’t very exciting visually hence the lack of updates. For those interested the game is now building for Android though I can’t create the APK as the game is already too big for the free version of Xamarin, I’ve programmed the new cut scene engine to be used for fight screen intros and story related stuff. I’ve also created a script based tool for animating and exporting XML for the cut scene panel artwork and animation curves. The other good news is that Firing Pin is now a member of Microsofts BizSpark Programme which gives some neat benefits including free copies off Visual Studio Pro and a 12 month Windows 8 developer account… Yay!

Until Next Time!