Quick Status Update

Progress has been slow of late so updates have been a little thin on the ground.

I’m still busy working on the game where I can however I’ve mainly been doing work for hire with the lovely guys over at Fat Pebble on a couple of top secret projects which have given me some very helpful Android and iOS development experience. I’ve also been helping to design and create a soon to be open shopping site for designer and vintage women’s clothing which goes by the name of Evie Knight. As you can see time dedicated to the game has been fairly minimal but that gives me a bit more cash in the bank to rest easy.

So what’s been done? Well the game is now fully ported over from orthogonal tile maps to isometric with some new artwork to boot and it certainly looks massive amounts better than before. I’m making good head way on saving the state of the world for when you exit the game and I’ve been doing a lot of background house cleaning code wise so it’s better organised for when I expand it to new platforms.

Which leads me to the other bunch of work I’ve been doing… porting! I’ve been getting ready and starting to port the game using MonoGame to all the platforms I’m hoping to build for, it’s been going well if not for a few hiccups along the way.

I spent a good few nights setting up my PC to quad boot into all four operating systems which I need to test and build with, this involved buying copies of Mac OSX and Windows 8 and a lot of tampering! It now successfully boots into Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu and OSX Mountain Lion so I have the ability to test everything which is great!

I now have Xamarin 2.0 installed with a semi working version of the Android port however the game is currently too big for the Free version which is a minor blockage… I was so excited to get it deployed to a device as well!

I’m looking at the Windows 8 Metro port today and the Windows Phone 8 port is currently in progress, unfortunately the emulator doesn’t run on my machine so I need to hold off for a few weeks until I get my hands on a new phone to deploy to… fun times!

That’s a lot of text for a quick update… oh well!