Happy New Year!

It appears I have started the new year with a bang… the bang being my brain exploding as I try to convert the games tiling map code over from the easy peasy orthographic style of mapping to the much more head hurting isometric style.

It’s taken me a couple of days to really get anywhere solid, however now the game is rendering the map on screen in “roughly” the correct position and updating correctly as you move, hurrah! I think I may have even developed a new technique for rendering tile maps as the usual diamond and staggered ways weren’t quite cutting it, I feel an explanation of that will be coming later. There are still some kinks to work out before I can tick it as done but it’s nice knowing that I will soon be able to get working away on some decent world art tiles.

Here’s a comparison of the place holder orthographic art along with my rather neater looking isometric art test. Can you guess which is which 😉

Tile Map Conversion Example

How the world is changing from orthographic to isometric

Until next time… Over & Out!