Will To Survive Kickstarter Launched!

The Will to Survive Kickstarter campaign is officially launched.

You can check out the campaign and pledge by going to the Kickstarter page here:
Will To Survive Kickstarter Campaign

Will to Survive is also now on Steam Greenlight, help give it the thumbs up here:
Will To Survive Steam Greenlight Page

Please help share the campaign to friends, loved ones and co-workers. The more word that we can spread the greater the chance that the project gets fully funded. Thanks in advance to those who pledge, you have my humble gratitude and you are totally awesome!

Hold on to your butts!

2 thoughts on “Will To Survive Kickstarter Launched!

  1. I just watched a video on youtube about this game and i really like the concept of it :)
    I’m currently learning programming (since a few weeks) and noticed your post about tests on Android/iOS and so on. Did you programmed it in a single programming language for all plattforms? I would like to have some informations about that if possible :)

  2. Hi Marc,

    Thanks, I’m glad man :)

    How are you finding it? What language are you using? I programmed the project using C# with the XNA Framework. Not all the different devices use C# however so I use MonoGame to port it. MonoGame is an open source implementation of XNA for other formats, it’s still work in progress but great for handling a project on so many devices.

    This is their site: http://www.monogame.net/

    And this is the XNA site: http://create.msdn.com/

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