Platform progress

Wow this weekend has been a scorcher! I’ve still managed to make good progress at least.

There were a few plans I had this weekend, to start writing the Kickstarter pitch and to get some of the other platform builds up and running. The OUYA was a bit of a failure, though everything is building it seems like a monumental hassle to get it put on the device itself so I may leave that platform until after the campaign has begun.

The Android build is looking good however, I borrowed a Samsung Nexus and fixed the resolution issues to get that running at the full resolution of the device… which is insanely high! I think for the final game there will need to be some up-scaling being done. Tiny Will!

Nexus Build

The game running at the insane resolution of the Android Nexus Tab.

I also booted into my Hackintosh to try and build the Mac OSX and iOS versions of the Game. The Mac OSX version worked quite well as can be seen bellow however there is an issue with the render targets that I need to look into. The iOS versions worked too but the developer portal was down meaning no device deployment for now. The iOS versions had some issues with resolution which I need to look into but this is all to be expected for a first time build.

Mac OSX Build

The OSX build running on a Hackintosh.

And finally the Linux build, this did not go well at all because the Linux OS failed to boot up properly. All being well some time this week I’m going to look into formatting my laptop and trying Linux on there, I think it dislikes the graphics card installed on my main rig.

All in all, not a bad weekend!

This Is The Droid You Are Looking For

Today has been a very busy day of finding gaming news sites and writing press kits ready to send in the hope someone will shed some light on my creation. Writing tends to hurt my head a little so I wanted to do something I was excited about.

So I finally registered for the Xamarin free trial and attempted what I thought would be a quick job of getting the Android build working…. hours later, I can go to bed with a smile on my face.

Android Prototype Build Working

It’s not perfect but it builds and if you build it they will come!

There are some issues like the resolution being incorrect, it has insane load times, frame drops when walking on the big map, press hold gestures don’t seem to work and lots of slight drawing issues… but I can live with that for now, it is a prototype after all!

Night All!